Switzerland: a boss offers € 933 bonus to his employees so that they do not get vaccinated

the essential In Switzerland, the boss of a company offered a bonus of 1000 Swiss francs to his employees if they did not get vaccinated.

In Switzerland, the boss of a waste collection company offered a bonus of 1000 Swiss francs (i.e. 933 euros) to his employees. The condition: that they do not be vaccinated by 31 March 2022, date of payment of the sum.

As reported by LCI , the photo of the poster informing staff of this bonus circulated a lot on social networks last weekend. The message, addressed to “all the personnel of Opeo SA” and signed “the Management”, indicated that this gratuity was intended to “thank” the employees “for not having yielded to this dictatorship which is a genocide”.

The identity of the boss of the company was revealed by the Swiss media Heidi news . This is Daniel Héritier, a fervent opponent of vaccination. The latter explained to our colleagues that this bonus should make it possible to keep “everyone in order to be able to continue our mission of collecting waste in the future”, specifying that his company would soon be asked “to evacuate bodies by the hundreds” .

Faced with the outcry caused by the article, the boss tried to defuse the controversy. “I felt that the extended anti-Covid measures represented an injustice against the unvaccinated. I do not support injustice and I want to restore fairness with this premium”, he justified himself some days later in 24 Hours .

An explanation that did not convince his hierarchy. According to our colleagues, Daniel Héritier was dismissed.

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