Sudan: armed men arrest several leaders at their homes

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Unidentified gunmen arrested several Sudanese leaders early Monday, a government source said, after weeks of tension between civilian and military transitional authorities. The internet was cut across the country, as demonstrators gathered in the streets of Khartoum to protest the arrests.

Most ministers and civilian members of the Sovereignty Council that oversees the transition in Sudan have been arrested, the information ministry confirmed. In its statement, however, the ministry did not specify whether Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok was among the leaders arrested, after media reported that he had been placed under house arrest.

“Military forces” are behind the arrests of civilian leaders of the transition apprehended at their homes before dawn in Sudan, assures in a statement posted on Facebook the ministry of the ‘Information. “The civilian members of the Sovereignty Council” which oversees the transition “and most of the ministers (…) were taken to an unknown destination”, adds the text.

More info to follow …

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