Submarine crisis: former Australian prime minister denounces “extraordinary debacle” caused by Australia

the essential One week after the start of the diplomatic crisis between France and Australia due to the cancellation of an order for sub- sailors, a former Australian Prime Minister speaks.

“A deeply questionable decision” is how Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, describes the cancellation of the purchase of French submarines by the Australian government.

In an article published in the daily Le Monde (paid article), the politician considers “to have the responsibility to make clearly heard we have a point of view on this extraordinary debacle that the Australian government has just caused “.

According to him, by taking this decision Australia” violates the spirit and the letter of the partnership strategy adopted by France and Australia in 2012 “. Just as it” made the mistake of not allowing France the possibility of submitting to it another offer “, once you have decided to change your order.

Three errors

The former prime minister underlines what, according to him, represents “three mistakes” on the part of the Australian government: the cancellation of this order is a “violation” of the joint declaration to the two countries, the the fact of not informing the partner of the contract of a wish to modify the latter represents “a deception”, according to the politician.

And finally, Kevin Rudd wonders : “if the Prime Minister had really considered it necessary to revise for technical reasons the choices made previously, so why did he not launch a new call for tenders to France, the United Kingdom and the United States? “

Anyway, Kevin Rudd believes that the contract initially concluded between the two countries “is not only a trade agreement. It fits [un] broader official framework. “The former prime minister considers that this decision” further aggravates strategic tensions in Southeast Asia, a region where China has already won great victories over the plans of the economy and international relations “.

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