Submarine crisis: an SMS between Emmanuel Macron and the Australian Prime Minister unveiled

the essential Tensions continue between Australia and France following the submarine crisis. The Australian press unveiled an SMS from the French president sent to the Australian prime minister. What arouse the anger of the Elysee.

Tensions continue between Australia and France. Everything (re) begins on 30 October. “I know” Prime Minister Scott Morrison lied to me, Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday of the secret negotiations between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom on the Aukus defense agreement, which resulted in the breach of a Franco Australian contract on submarines.

“I don’t think so, I know”

“Do you think Scott Morrison lied to you?” An Australian journalist asked him, on the sidelines of the G 20 from Rome. “I don’t think so, I know,” replied in a filmed response the French president, who had already expressed his anger after the breakdown of the agreement between France and Australia for the sale of twelve submarines for 55 billion euros.

“I have the shoulders wide, I can handle that, “replied Scott Morrison, adding that” Australia are proud of their record in terms of their defense capacity. ” But the action which angered the Elysee Palace is the disclosure of an SMS from the French president to the Australian.

The Australian press publishes an SMS from Macron sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison two days before the AUKUS announcement: ” Should I expect good or bad news for our shared submarine ambitions? “.Https: //

— Vincent Glad (@vincentglad) November 2, 550

“Should I expect good or bad news for our common ambitions in the field of submarines?”, Emmanuel Macron asks Scott Morrison

“A rather inelegant and particular method”

Contacted by Le Parisien the Elysée is not angry. “Disclosing the SMS of an exchange between heads of state or government is a rather inelegant and particular method. The President of the Republic would never dare to disclose this kind of communication. And it is not. likely to improve relations between France and Australia “.

On ABC, the Australian minister was asked about the origin of this leak and the authenticity of this SMS. He preferred not to say anything and not to “let go” on this subject.


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