Stupor at “The Voice All Stars”: Jenifer wanted to leave and drop everything!

the essential Hyper disappointed by the elimination of one of her talents, Jenifer wanted to leave “The Voice All Stars” during the cross-battles event. The shooting must have been interrupted.

A new stage begins for the talents in “The Voice All Stars”: the cross-battles. For this face-to-face meeting, a coach chooses one of his talents and the team he wants to face. The designated coach then chooses his candidate. They both sing a song of their choice on stage but only one can remain in the adventure, chosen by the audience on the set.

To motivate the candidates, each coach invited a singer to his side: Slimane for Florent Pagny, Kendji Girac for Mika, Amir for Jenifer, Camille Lellouche for Patrick Fiori and Maëlle for Zazie.

For her first face-to-face, Jenifer chose Al.Hy. She considers the young woman, whom she had coached in season 1 of “The Voice”, as “one of her biggest crushes all seasons combined” which there is “nothing to touch up” in the services. To face him, Patrick Fiori chose Flo Malley, “a boy who largely deserves to go to the final and who will have a great career”. Al.Hy performed “Life on Mars” by David Bowie with surprising vocal range while Flo Malley sang “Alter ego” by Jean-Louis Aubert.

The audience of the set voted and chose Flo Malley with 54, 4% of the votes. Seeing the result, Jenifer is at first speechless. Then resumes: “I’m shocked. I’m leaving the show. I’m not continuing”. Then, questioned by Nikos Aliagas, she explains: Frankly, I’m a little confused there. I love you Flo, excuse me, I absolutely shouldn’t react like that. I am in the most complete misunderstanding. I am extremely disappointed. I didn’t see them singing together at all, in fact. “Nikos Aliagas replied:” It’s a game, we have fun, we play a game with singers and artists. “And Jenifer replies:” There , I am not amused “.

I do not understand the elimination of Al.Hy I’m shocked everyone was and I totally understand Jenifer’s reaction knowing she was pregnant at the time #TheVoiceAllStars

– HugoBoss (@hugo_b 22) October 2, 550

I honestly think that instead of Jenifer, I would have ripped off my chair, insulted the public and abused Patrick Fiori. What a waste. #TheVoiceAllStars

– La Barbue (@WillMachinTruc) October 2, 2021

If Jenifer’s astonishment was quick on the air, it actually lasted much longer, according to Télé-Loisirs . The artist left the set for about thirty minutes which forced the production to stop filming. After having discussed with the production, the interpreter of “In the sun” found his friends coaches and the shooting.

Qualified talents

– Anne Sila (Florent Pagny team) / Ecco (Mika team): Anne Sila winner

– Al.Hy (Jenifer team) / Flo Malley (Patrick Fiori team): Flo Malley winner

– Olympe (Zazie team) / Dominique Magloire (Florent Pagny team): Dominique Magloire winner

– Terence James (Mika team) / Anthony Trice (Jenifer team): Terence James winner

– Demi Mondane (Zazie team) / Neo (Mika team): Demi Mondaine winner

– Victoria Adamo (Mika team) / Ogee (Jenifer team): Victoria Adamo winner

– Cassidi (Patrick Fiori team) / Manon (Florent Pagny team): Manon winner

– Yoann Launay (Zazie team) / Antoine (Patrick Fiori team): Antoine winner

At the end of the show, Patrick Fiori and Mika won two cross-battles, Zazie only one, Jenifer none and Florent Pagny is the big winner of the evening since his three talents were chosen by the public. The cross-battles will continue next week.

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