Stromae returns in 2022, several concerts announced

the essential The return of Belgian singer Stromae is announced for 2019. Several participations have announced its participation. Stromae is due to release a new album next year, six years after his retirement and eight years after his last album.

This is the comeback that everyone was waiting for: Stromae, who had withdrawn from the fine musical circuit 2013, wrung out physically and mentally by two years of crazy tours, announced his return. The interpreter of “So we dance”, “Papaoutai” or “Formidable” is announced at Rock en Seine, a festival in the Paris region on the last weekend of August 2022.

His 2nd album, “Racine carrée” (2013, after “Cheese” in 2010) had tipped the Belgian (36 years today ‘hui) in another dimension. This tube factory had taken him for two years on stages in Europe and the United States. In the USA, he had performed in 2013 at Coachella, the biggest festival in the world and Kanye West had even joined him on stage for “Then we dance”.

Stromae had also passed through Africa, in Rwanda, the country of origin of his father, killed there in 200 during the genocide. The singer with 3 million albums sold has never made a secret of the big slack that followed.


“Even if you sell dreams, it’s still a job, and like in any job, when you work too much, you end up with burn-out” he conceded in 2018 in an interview with France 2 .

In addition to “great physical fatigue”, the megastar also admitted to having suffered from taking a drug, Lariam (an anti-malaria, Editor’s note). “I needed time to rebuild myself because it was not great fun”. Above all, he stressed that he “needed to remove all the pressure that success brings (…) I had done 113 concerts in two years, which was an insane number. It was a great experience but (…) it went too fast “.

After this XXL tour, he had initially disappeared from the news, before reappearing in droplets by diversifying his activities alongside his stylist wife Coralie Barbier and his brother Luc Junior Tam, his partners in the Mosaert collective. This television interview with 2017 thus took place in the Parisian parade of his ready-to-wear label.

Creativity ? “She is still there”, he reassured his fans already three years ago. The scene ? “I recognize that this is something that I will not be able to do without. On the other hand, the way in which I will envisage the continuation (…) it will be at a much healthier and rested pace”, he insisted.

“That I love him”

Besides his admirers, the whole musical community hoped for him as the messiah. Diplo, DJ star, repeated this year always wanting to “make a record with Stromae”. The two artists know each other, since the Belgian had joined Major Lazer (Diplo group) on stage at the Rock en Seine festival in 2010 and had made one of their clips, “Run up” in 2017.

Kenny Gates, co-founder of the Pias label, confided in dreaming of him for a collection of works in piano-voice mode, inaugurated by another Belgian, Arno.

The new generation had only its name in its mouth, such Glints, rapper from Antwerp. “It’s crazy, it’s impressive, (in Belgium) in rock there were dEUS, then came Stromae – that I love him – (…) our production is not monolithic”, he exposed.

In October 2019, to everyone’s surprise, his voice settled on a Coldplay track, “Arabesque”. We heard him declaim “Like two drops of water, we resemble each other as coming from the same mother / Like two streams that come together to make great rivers”. This time the Stromae wave can break again.


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