Sting, a bridge over hardship

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(AFP) – “How do we get to the other side?”: Sting is back with a new album, “The Bridge” (“The Pont “), metaphor of the momentum to step over adversity.

This Englishman, citizen of the world, particularly badly lived the decision of the United Kingdom to cut the bridges with Europe.

“For me, Brexit is a tragedy. I am sad for my country. We knew it would be a disaster”, he confides to the ‘AFP, passing through Paris, in the middle of a series of concerts from Athens to Las Vegas.

“Young Britons were robbed of the opportunity to live experiences in Europe. It’s completely insane “, he plague again.

He who travels the globe from stage to stage also sees the clouds accumulate far beyond from the sky of the United Kingdom, with the rise of populist movements.

“We live in a very dangerous political climate at the moment with working classes who feel abandoned by those which they call the elites “. The “vulnerable” layers of society are “at the mercy of demagogues”, hawkers of “fake-news”, continues the one who celebrated his 70 years in October and still does not make his age.

Whoever is also an actor (we could see him recently in the French film “Kaamelott”) does not taste the tirades of the anti -vaccines. “I don’t understand this science of objection. I didn’t hesitate to get the vaccine. I’m old enough to remember those kids on my street who were crippled by polio. And this disease was eradicated thanks to the vaccines “.

-” Go elsewhere “-

Isolation, the pandemic, did not directly inspire his new album which comes out on Friday but they find an echo in the themes discussed.

“All the people I write about are in a transitional stage, in their relationships, between life and death, between sickness and full health”. “We are all looking for this bridge to go elsewhere, to a better place.”

A bridge is also to create links. Even if, in his pieces, the gateways can be tricky in a sentimental story. “I always avoid writing love songs that say + I love you and you love me too, + because we’re going around in circles. Whereas + I love you but you love someone else +, it’s an interesting scenario for an author “.

” At my age, I experienced the whole spectrum of emotions, from the greatest happiness to the deepest pain. to be, so when I write about love, I know I can be authentic, “continues this musician with 70 millions of albums sold.

A bridge is also what can link generations. Among his six children, five followed the artistic path like him, with two actors, two musicians and a director.

But the last one wants to become “a cop”, said in French in a smile the former police chief. “He says + you are all creative, I want to be useful +”, he laughs.

– “On the road from 1976!” –

A bridge is also a musical term (melodic transition), an art mastered by those who, as in “The Bridge”, varies smoothly between jazz, rock or folk colorations. And music question, wasn’t it too hard to record this new opus in full confinement with musicians sometimes playing through a screen?

“It’s not so new to record remotely. Often, the drummer can be in Los Angeles, I can be in Paris, another in Italy. The secret is to establish a kind of intimacy, to have warm bonds between musicians, we can hear. “

But now, it’s time for concerts with a very present audience. “I have to fulfill all my commitments postponed by the health crisis, it may take 18 months, but it’s my life, I’ve been on the road since 1976! “. He will therefore still cross many bridges.

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