'Squid Game' Could Bring Netflix Almost $ 900 Million

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(ETX Daily Up) – It’s the jackpot for Netflix! You couldn’t miss the “Squid Game” craziness. The latest series that hit Netflix has not finished establishing itself on the streaming platform. The South Korean series could bring the American giant almost 900 millions of dollars. Game won!

According to an internal document consulted and unveiled by Bloomberg, “Squid Game” has already generated 891, $ 1 million for Netflix. The South Korean dystopian series has become a staple on the streaming platform since its launch on 12 last September . An amount that could well reach 900 millions of dollars, Netflix estimated.

In less than four weeks, ” Squid Game “won the game by making the best start of a series on Netflix with a record of 89 million subscribed households having watched it. A success that far exceeds that of “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons”. The British series had previously held the number one spot with 82 millions of accounts having watched it during its first four weeks on Netflix.

23 times the setting starting point

The success of “Squid Game” does not seem to fade since according to documents viewed by Bloomberg, the series has now been viewed by 132 millions of people during its 21 first days on the platform (at least two minutes of the series). According to Netflix, 89% of subscribers watched at least 75 minutes of the series, or more than one episode, and 66%, or 87 millions of people, fully viewed it in the 21 days after its launch. In total, subscribers spent more than 1.4 billion hours watching “Squid Game,” Bloomberg said.

If the series managed to win too of course on social networks, as in fashion and even in the kitchen, “Squid Game” is all the more profitable because its budget was not staggering. 18, $ 4 million: this is the envelope that was used to produce the series, about $ 2.4 million per episode. The success of the series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk could therefore earn 23 times the amount spent by Netflix to acquire it. Netflix won the game once again.

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