Sports betting scam: we explain how the Pronoclub scam worked

the essential The CEO of the sports betting site Pronoclub is suspected of having scammed at least 200 people. Arrested Wednesday, he was indicted and imprisoned. Large sums were seized.

It is the biggest updated sports betting scam in France. The sports betting site Pronoclub is at the center of a vast affair of scamming online players which led the police to arrest its young founder, Thomas Boursin, barely 24 years old, in Rennes on Wednesday.

  • C ‘ What is Pronoclub?

Pronoclub presents itself as the number 1 platform in France for “advice and training in sports betting”. It allows to put in relation the bettors and the prognosticators. The site boasts of offering 250 tipsters. He organized sports betting in nine disciplines including football, tennis, basketball, rugby and horse racing. The site offers three subscription plans without obligation to 19, 90 € per month, 24, 49 € per month and 90, 49 € per month. The site was still active Friday night.

  • What was the scam?

Thomas Boursin offered his clients to place money which was then wagered in sports betting based on the forecasts made by the prognosticators of his site. This practice is illegal. Customers were promised a minimum monthly “return on investment” of 10% monthly. The site is also criticized for a practice of “snowball sales”: a system of sales by sponsorship prohibited by the Consumer Code. The Nanterre prosecutor’s office evokes “substantial profits amounting to several million euros without the victims receiving the expected financial gains”. The National Gaming Authority alerted the courts on 11 June.

  • Are there many victims?

About 200 people have so far made themselves known to the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office. Users have lost thousands of dollars in sports betting. The loss is estimated at 500 euros. It could reach several million euros if other cheated customers come forward. The first complaints date from November 2020.

  • What did the investigators find?

The police seized the computer of the young CEO. They found “large sums” according to the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, seized several bank accounts and found near 12 000 euros in cash.

  • What is the risk of the founder of Pronoclub?

Thomas Boursin went on vacation to Marbella, Spain in early July. When he returned to France in early September, the police actively searched for him and went through several drop-off points with a fine-tooth comb. He was finally arrested in Rennes on Wednesday while getting into his Mercedes. He was presented to an investigating judge from the economic and financial center of Nanterre who opened a judicial investigation for “heads of fraud committed in an organized gang, aggravated money laundering, deceptive commercial practices and snowball sales”. Thomas Boursin does not recognize a scam. The liberty and detention judge had him imprisoned at the end of the evening.

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