Special guest in “C à vous”, Nicolas Sarkozy evokes Zemmour and his legal affairs around the promotion of his book

the essential In the program “C à Vous” on France 5 , former president Nicolas Sarkozy promoted his book “Promenades” and spoke about Éric Zemmour.

He was there to talk about art, his passion for the Pieta, Cézanne … the Princess of Clèves, in short about his book “Promenades” released a few days ago. He also begins with his words: “I simply wanted to say that beauty matters, geniuses, artists … We cannot live without them.”

This Tuesday, October 5 in the evening, Nicolas Sarkozy was the special guest of the program “C à vous” on France 5 . But very quickly, the subject becomes more political, it is inevitable. And when the presenter asks him to comment on a report on the Zemmour phenomenon, the former President is inexhaustible: “There would be so much to say, I do not want to be disagreeable with anyone but for myself, when there is someone there. one that disturbs the debate, it is because there is no debate on the table “. And to add: “From the moment when a single kind of thought serves as a basis for everyone, it should not be surprising that some take the place. Zemmour is not the cause, he is the symptom” .

“I don’t like what is egalitarian”

But on immigration, Nicolas Sarkozy ensures: “The migration crisis, it has not started, it is coming. If we do not talk about it, we will not find a solution”. A little later, on questions of identity, the former President affirms: “A child who comes from Kayes, in Mali, if we only tell him (in France) the school is free and there is the Social Security, it doesn’t go well, you have to take it by the hand and bring it in front of the Mona Lisa or in front of the Pieta “.

He also looks back on his record and on the tax exemption for overtime: at the time, “I said: a man, he needs to work and to love. The problem today is our relationship to equality. I believe in the richness of difference, I do not believe in leveling. I do not believe in equality because I like what is fair therefore I do not like what is egalitarian “. About his legal affairs, he insists: “I do not bow my head for crimes that I have not committed and if necessary I will go before European jurisdiction”. Like what, art leads to everything even to talk about campaign accounts.

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