Spain: the plane lands urgently, around twenty illegal immigrants take the opportunity to flee on the tarmac

the essential Seven passengers were arrested by the Spanish police while about fifteen illegal immigrants are still wanted after the emergency landing on Friday in Palama de Mallorca.

Due to a false medical emergency, a plane had to make an emergency landing at Palma de Mallorca airport in Spain on Friday, November 5. The latter then had to be closed for nearly 4 hours from 20 h 30 after several passengers from the plane left running on the tarmac, reports Le Parisien .

The plane was on a flight between Morocco and Turkey before a passenger pretended to have a diabetic coma forcing the captain to take this emergency measure. During the evacuation of the imaginary patient, about twenty passengers took the opportunity to escape from the plane by running on the tarmac. Two people were arrested immediately and four other fugitives later in the evening near the airport.

“Help with illegal immigration”

The investigators favor, at this stage of the investigation, the hypothesis of a set-up with a view to entering Spain illegally. The passenger who complained of discomfort was taken to hospital, where he was declared to be in perfect health and arrested by the police for “helping with illegal immigration and breaking the law on foreigners”, according to El Pais. One of the passengers who had accompanied him to the hospital also disappeared into the wild.

Due to this incident, 13 planes bound for Palma were diverted to other airports, and 16 Departing flights suffered significant delays, according to airport authorities. The airport reopened around midnight Friday evening after about four hours of closure.

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