Spain: a woman stages her kidnapping to play the lotto with the ransom of her husband

the essential To be able to play the lotto, a woman simulates her kidnapping and demands a ransom of 6 000 euros, at the beginning of this month of October. Arrested by the police, the 40-year-old was released but must remain at the disposal of the police.

6 000 euros for its own collection. On the night of October 4, a man went to the police station in Badalone, Spain, to postpone the kidnapping of his wife. He would have received a phone call telling him that a ransom of 6 000 euros was to be paid.

An investigation was quickly opened by the Catalan police, reports L’Ind├ępendant, and a unit specializing in kidnappings was mobilized after several hours without news of the kidnapped woman. The agents then make a surprising discovery: the woman has never been kidnapped. Of Spanish origin, she allegedly staged her disappearance, in order to extort money from her husband.

The police then find her in a gambling hall, trying her hand at the lotto, after having received the ransom. Arrested for “simulation of crime and extortion” the forty-something in perfect health was presented in court and then released. However, it must remain at the disposal of the courts.

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