Sophie Pétronin wanted in Mali: the government deplores the “irresponsibility” of her return to Africa

the essential The former French hostage Sophie Pétronin is wanted by the Malian authorities. She has reportedly been back in Mali for more than eight months. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal reacted at midday.

The government deplored Wednesday the return to Mali of the former French hostage Sophie Pétronin, denouncing through the voice of its spokesperson Gabriel Attal a “form of irresponsibility” vis-à-vis “his security” but also vis-à-vis. with regard to “the security of our soldiers”.

The Secretary of State thus confirmed the return to Mali, announced by several French media, of the septuagenarian who had been kidnapped in December 2016 in Gao before being released in October 2020.

According to several media, the former hostage returned to Mali since last March, information that Gabriel Attal did not wish to comment on.

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Gabriel Attal asks for “respect for our soldiers”

“When we have nationals who are taken hostage abroad, it is our soldiers who will rescue them at the risk of their lives, we have soldiers who have been killed in the course of operations to go and rescue hostages who had been taken prisoner in foreign countries “, underlined the spokesperson of the government, who asked for” respect for our soldiers “.

“We are monitoring this situation and the Quai d’Orsay is monitoring this situation very closely,” added the spokesperson without giving details of Sophie Pétronin’s situation.

Still according to these French media, the Malian authorities let it be known on Saturday that they wished to “apprehend” him and issued a search notice.

In October 2020, without real consultation with Paris, the new Malian regime decided to release several dozen prisoners arrested during anti-jihadist operations, against 4 hostages including the French Sophie Pétronin.

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