She made the album covers for Pascal Obispo

the essential Since 2012, the photographer from Lectoure Jeanne Delécluse has been making the album covers for Pascal Obispo. The last one has just come out. She tells how this collaboration was born.

The lecturer photographer Jeanne Delécluse has been making Pascal Obispo’s album covers since 2012. The latest, that of “France”, has just been released. It was created in the heart of the Gers: “I am a freelance graphic designer based in Lectoure. I have several other hats, in particular that of photographer ”.

She tells how this collaboration was born: “I was working with the record company of Pascal Obispo (Sony) at the time of the release of his album” Vintages ”. They were looking for a graphic designer to create his cover and they chose me. This is how our collaboration began, in 2012. Today, we work remotely and live. Most of the time, I go to Paris in his studio to finalize the projects. I, in 2020, made many covers for the release of its application “Obispo All Access”, in which it offers a wide variety of content and albums in many musical styles. I am very happy to have participated in this crazy project. ”

Design variation

Regarding the artist’s latest album, “France”, Jeanne Delécluse explains that she created the cover between her office “in the heart of Lectoure, and the LIR, in Fleurance, where I regularly come to work. In general, he provides me with one or more photographs (that of the album “France” was taken by Dominique Gau) and, from this, I make different proposals for layout, colors, typography, etc. After a few exchanges, we arrive at the final cover. I then make the interior booklet and apply this design to other elements, other formats, such as the vinyl sleeve for example. ”

Jeanne Delécluse works at other graphic design projects: “We are entering the season of greeting cards and some for local merchants (Fleurance, Lectoure) will see the light of day before Christmas.”

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