Shakira attacked by wild boars in a Barcelona park

the essential The singer Shakira was the victim of a wild boar attack in a park in Barcelona. None of the passers-by intervened to help him. She gives a rant.

While going for a walk in a park in Barcelona, ​​where she lives, Shakira surely did not imagine being attacked by … a wild boar. The Colombian singer was walking with her eldest son Milan in September. While sitting on a bench, two wild boars appeared.

“I was taking my son Milan for a walk in the park and I offered him a little ice cream. We sat on a bench in the park. Then two huge wild boars came from behind and took my bag,” Shakira tells in an interview with Glamor UK magazine. The singer then starts to scream. “They were taking the bag with my phone in it, my car keys, everything!” She decides to race the boars.

Bad luck for her, no onlooker has tried to help her which makes Shakira angry. “The people around were just watching and they were not doing anything else.” Shakira was finally able to retrieve her purse since the boars took away her son’s sandwich that was inside. The singer shared short videos of her bag without her Instagram Stories.

Wild boars have become a real problem in Barcelona with dog attacks and collisions with cars in recent years.

The Colombian singer is back since the summer with a new single “Don’t wait up”. She will release a new album and go on tour in 2022.

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