Series and TV movies: women occupy less than 40% of key positions, according to a study

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(AFP) – Women worked “on average 30% of key positions “in the creation and production of French fictions broadcast in the evening in 2019, according to a study by Ina unveiled Thursday in partnership with the association” For women in the media “.

Presented on the occasion of the La Rochelle fiction festival, the study examines the composition of the teams of some 440 series and TV movies broadcast in 2019 on TF1, France 2, France 3, M6, Canal +, Arte and France 5.

Unsurprisingly, women are “under-represented in technical + and power + positions”, notes Ina, which was interested in 14 functions from creation to production.

The top category, that of directors, is thus occupied overwhelmingly (83%) by the male gender. Men also represent 65% of the authors of the original idea of ​​films and series, 63% of chief editors and 72% of chief decorators and production managers

“Inequality is even more flagrant for so-called technical professions”, chief operators and sound engineers being men in more than nine out of ten cases (respectively 92% and 96%).

The observation is more balanced among producers and performers (38% of women), and among screenwriters and adapters “with 47% of women “.

But this near parity covers another form of inequality, women being” very often co-authors of scripts, much more regularly than their male counterparts “. Thus, only 16% of unique authors are women, “while the proportion of co-authors climbs to 43% “.

” We trust women less alone ” , deplores Laurence Bachman, producer and co-president of the association “For women in the media” to AFP.

Exception which “confirms the rule”, the post of script (assistant to the director and “shooting memory”) “remains predominantly female”, at 98%.

These “uplifting” results are not a revelation, notes Ms. Bachman. But “for women to count, they must be counted”, adds the one who pleads with broadcasters for the establishment of “achievable quotas”, “temporary and progressive”, such as for example a first level of 30% of female directors, an objective already targeted by France Télévisions.

Schools in the sector are doing efforts in terms of parity but “there is a real problem of discrimination in hiring”, believes Agnès Chauveau, Deputy Director General of Ina.

Or recruit more of women would, according to her, make it possible to represent them better in fictions or to “solve the problems of harassment on the sets”.

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