Serge Lama: he is still consumed with remorse, 56 years after the death of his fiancée in a road accident

the essential Serge Lama confided in Michel Drucker about the women of his life on Michel Drucker’s sofa, Sunday afternoon.

It is the drama of the life of Serge Lama. And it continues to haunt him more than 50 years later. On 12 August 1965, Serge’s fiancee, pianist Liliane Benelli, died in a road accident at the exit from Aix-en-Provence. The vehicle had struck a tree. She was then working on Serge Lama’s tour.

Guest of Michel Drucker in “Vivement dimanche”, Sunday afternoon, Serge Lama was invited to comment on the photos of the women in his life and the men who mattered to him. He returned to the death of Liliane Benelli: “It was love breaks, the first love … It’s terrible. And especially in these circumstances. I felt responsible because it was I who insisted on that she be the pianist of the program with Marcel Amont “. And to express remorse. “If I hadn’t insisted she might not have come with me and she might not have gotten into the car.” And to conclude: “It marked me, it was my first great grief in my life which is a series of great griefs”.

Michel Drucker reminded Serge Lama that Enrico Macias’ brother, Jean-Claude Ghrenassia, was driving the car. “He was new to driving, he had just passed his license. I felt there were dangers. He was on two more tours, tired,” Serge Lama recalled with emotion. Only Serge Lama had survived the accident. He had been in a coma.

This is of course not the first time that Serge Lama has spoken publicly about the tragic death of his first love. Last May, he answered Laurent Delahousse’s questions in “20 h 30, le dimanche”. “All night long I shouted, almost in an authoritarian manner: ‘Come back … You can’t …’. With almost the feeling that I had the power to bring her back,” the singer said. Last February, the interpreter “I am sick”, “Little women of Pigalle” or “From adventures to adventures” married Luana, a woman of 44 years. In recent days, the singer has made his return … in bookstores. He has just published the book “My life, my greatest songs illustrated by my favorite painters” (Beaux-Arts éditions).

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