Samuel Etienne banned from Twitch for showing photo of actress' butt

the essential Every day, Samuel Etienne holds a press review on the social network Twitch . But for three days he will not be able to honor this appointment. He presented an image which is not to the liking of the site.

Samuel Étienne has been sharing his passion for information for several months. Every morning, on the Twitch streaming platform, the host presents the various press headlines to an audience that is sometimes young and not used to reading a newspaper. A moment of exchange that he must unfortunately stop for three days.

In a long message on Twitter, the journalist explained: “Last Friday, as part of my daily press review # LaMatinéeEstTienne, I am reviewing the morning papers, as usual, including Le Parisien.” On the program of the day, an article on the representation of sex on French television of the Parisian.


(and why this decision lacks judgment)


1- Friday last, as part of my daily press review # LaMatinéeEstTienne, I review the morning papers, as usual, including the newspaper Le Parisien …

– Samuel Etienne (@SamuelEtienne) November 1, 2021

And it is when he shows photos of the paper that the problems begin. “Among the photos in this article (we are talking about the Parisian, not the Playboy, I remind you), a screenshot of a film by 1961, “The execution”, where we can see the buttocks of an actress. Scandal at the time! Which will lead to the birth of the famous “white square “, explains the journalist. Samuel Etienne therefore explains the problem “It is to have read this article (and therefore exposed this photo) on Twitch, as part of an information meeting, which earned me this three-day ban, me preventing in particular from honoring an important project that I had planned tomorrow on Twitch. “

The American platform Twitch is subject to the laws in force in the country, in particular on explicit content. The robots would therefore have confused the image of the article with pornography …


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