Saint-Lary. La Fabrique à Chansons: act 1 for Saint-Alary schoolchildren

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The postulate: a CE1 class, in Saint-Alary, about twenty children, a top-notch singer-songwriter, Ludivine Nebra, and a goal : write a song together. Inspire each other. Since the first meeting between the little disciples of the Silver Microphone School and the musician, 14 last September, there have been exchanges of words fertile, breathtaking releases of kite ideas: singing a little in Spanish, going to see the other side of the Pyrenees – and why not, also, in the words, horses? What about flying whales? What about unicorns? What if we said that a tree was growing in the classroom? Here, why not? Surrealist childish poetry, a world “Beautiful as the fortuitous encounter on a school desk between a seed fallen from a friend’s schoolbag and thousands of candies” – to pastiche in short panties Lautréamont mode and his “Chants de Maldoror”.

First notes of their creation

Today, 4th interview and important step, of a seriousness while mischievous smiles: Ludivine composed and will sing their words, interpret their song. But, before, presentation of instruments: guitar, tambourines, claves, xylophones. We are about to talk about “tuning”, “rhythm – cat / cat / La-pin-bleu”. Only, hardly has she started the presentations that, already, some voices in bursts of youth are raised: “I started to draw a new tree!” “And I went to Spain!” “Me, my daddy has lots of guitars!” “My grandfather, he has 3 or 4!” Benevolent laughter. And what jumps to the eyes, to the ears, is the complicity. The greed of these kids who see in Ludivine the inexhaustible source of their dreams come true: hum, express themselves, create. (“Will we sing in Paris?” Asked one of them, the door wide open to all the possibilities available to you when you are 7 years old). So, slowly, Ludivine adjusts her posture, stands at the height of a child, speaks their language, guides them on the pleasant and winding path of creative curiosity.

This Thursday , spend an hour and a half in the company of 25 little springs to the imagination in tension, 25 small chocolate faces, will have reset a lot of clocks. In contact with children, the time for sharing becomes elastic again. Finally, Ludivine picks up her guitar, adjusts her voice, launches – and all, without exception, “we dream without pretending, even brushing our teeth. We run. We fly. We play all over the school – on the crazy branches. “

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