Saint-Girons: the school year will be punctuated by music

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In July, Muriel Ferret, deputy mayor in charge of child and youth education, presented the school projects for the start of the school year. In 2021, all are now in the process of being resolved. The municipal children’s council will be set up in November, and it will concern students in CE2, CM1 and CM2 classes from all schools in the city.

From Friday next, the Saint-Alary school will start a musical education awareness program “La Fabrique à Chants”, coordinated in Ariège by Art’Cade.

To the group Henri-Maurel, the music project “Tapage pour les petits diables” was officially launched in the presence of the mayor Jean-Noël Vigneau and Jean-Marc Maupomé, inspector of national education of the district of Saint-Lizier. For the latter, the project is a great initiative that puts the arts in the spotlight. He continues: “In partnership with the municipality, we have the possibility of providing students with additional support in musical education. It is a good starting point because the investment is significant and will continue over several years. am very satisfied. “

Anne Rieu, the director of the establishment, is delighted with this project. Until November, it will be run only by the teachers, then Faustine Grizard, holder of the university diploma in intervening musician (DUMI), will provide 22 sessions of 45 minutes per class.

“Today was Christmas before the hour because the children received all kinds of percussion instruments, tambourines, Maracas, Djembé… “, underlines the director.

Two shows are planned at the Max-Linder room, one before Christmas, the other in June, in the afternoon for all school children, in the evening for parents.

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