Rugby: threatened with disappearance, the show “Rencontres à XV” is back on France 3

the essential The program “Rencontres à XV” which gave pride of place to amateur rugby will be repeated this season after having, for a time, been threatened with disappearance.

Good news for steeple rugby. A time threatened with disappearing last spring, the program “Rencontres à XV” which gives pride of place to amateur rugby is finally on the air.

Jean Abeilhou is still in charge of this magazine dedicated to “all rugby players”. The only notable change is that “Rencontre à XV” will now be broadcast on France 3 at 10 h 10, from October 2. Presenter Jean Abeilhou shares his first impressions.

We imagine you relieved when the show has just been renewed?

This is very good news for amateur rugby. For me it is not important but this magazine is loved. It’s been proven for thirty years so that’s why I’m saying it’s great news for amateur rugby.

Did you receive reactions from viewers?

Not yet, the ad has just fallen. People who know me are delighted that the show is resuming.

Have you planned any changes?

Our DNA is steeple rugby, so we are going to stay in all areas where rugby is played. Without forgetting, of course, the French teams and the European Cup at the professional level. But all that makes the show salt is amateur rugby so we will continue in that direction.

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