Rodez. Departure. The time of retirement catches up with Éric Guillot

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The emotion was palpable Tuesday within the editorial staff of Center Presse which celebrated the departure of one of his family. Éric Guillot closed 41 years of adventures within our title, starting as a typographer, then photocomposer before devoting himself to the editing of the pages and joining the community of journalists, in link permanent with our local correspondents. The adventure is also and above all emotional: he will meet within our walls Rosy, accountant of Center Presse, who would become his wife and who will give him three boys. Eric has long been the host of our Sunday pages devoted to poetry, a discipline he loves all the more because he is a talented poet, under the pseudonym of Paul Tojean. And feeds the blog that he devotes to literature when he is not devoting himself to his collections. With a lot of humor, Serge Gélis, deputy director of Center Presse, retraced a rich journey within what Eric calls “his” newspaper, the one to which we always come back as we do for his village. And combined for the attention of his gathered colleagues, time at all times, like a good poet that he is. The time is now for retirement, before returning to the village, his own this time, in South Aveyron.

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