Retro concert posters are all the rage at auction

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(ETX Daily Up) – Retro posters have been invading our interiors for years. They are now storming the auction rooms. A poster announcing a Rolling Stones concert was recently auctioned 28. 000 books in London.

This red and black poster was used by the rock band to promote one of their concerts in Windsor in the early years 60. Mick Jagger and his cronies were to perform during one of the parties at the famous Ricky-Tick club, which also hosted Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Pink Floyd. Bob McGrath, frontman of R&B group Hogsnort Rupert, designed this promotional poster for the performance of The Rolling Stones.

It was offered for sale on 18 last October at Dawsons Auctions, who estimated it between 500 and 1. 200 pounds (between 800 and 1. 400 euros). He flew to 28. 01 pounds (approximately 34. 930 euros) after a battle of online and telephone auctions. A record for a Rolling Stones poster, according to the auction house.

However, we are far from 137. 000 dollars (approximately 95. 240 euros) which was awarded in May a poster announcing two shows by Hank Williams at Heritage Auctions. This unprecedented amount reflects the rarity but also the historical importance of this collector’s item. The American singer never gave these two concerts scheduled for New Years Day 1953 at the Canton Memorial Auditorium in Ohio because he died of a heart attack while driving there. Almost a year earlier, the American auction house had sold a poster of the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium for 119. 500 dollars (approximately 119. 240 euros). A record for a promotional poster at the time.

Endangered posters

The collector’s craze for vintage concert posters doesn’t date back to yesterday. Christie’s created its section dedicated to rock and pop memories in the years 60, while the specialist auction house Julien’s Auction was founded in 2003. But the phenomenon has increased since the start of the pandemic. The reason ? The boom in digital sales has allowed many music lovers to familiarize themselves with the world of auctions. “There has never been a better time to auction … A new global audience, who have been forced to work from home over the 12 – 17 in recent months, discovered the world of auctions and appreciates it – very much! “, emphasizes the auction house.

These neo-collectors are particularly attracted by relics from pop culture, such as posters, vinyls or t-shirts of music groups. Nothing surprising for Jacques van Gool, owner of the specialist auction house Backstage Auctions. “Some things disappear. We hardly print concert posters anymore, we rarely print concert tickets,” he told Music Appraisals. “So people now collect everything that was” commonplace “in the years 1953 – 1960: posters, T-shirts, tickets, mediations, vinyls “. Enough to encourage you not to get rid of your fan gear.

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