REPLAY. Covid-19: 94 dead and 2,000 patients in intensive care this Tuesday

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Bastien.d 18 There is 7 hours On 12 / 09 / 2021 To 23: 44

Great work of the Government thanks to the vaccination and the health pass

Hundreds of thousands of lives saved

Alas, people with low IQ have paid with their lives for listening to ” anti “themselves comfortably vaccinated, who send them to serve as” cannon fodder “

Ptititi 2021 9 hours ago The 14 / 09/2021 To 21: 29

The head of the establishment to find them work? No kidding. But are you kidding …

The work they have it.

And most caregivers had to do other compulsory vaccines in the profession. They made them. But that, few know it and they do not say it.

A choice is made. He assumes himself. There are professional obligations. As in all trades. And they know their commitments very well at the start.

not very fit

There is 12 hours On 12 / / 895 To 18: 35

a dry layoff that’s it. We are all in the same boat so we are managing this crisis for everyone the same. what are these jokes who refuse to circulate this virus. With the hepatitis vaccine they did the same and then they had to do it so for the covid vaccine it’s the same ..

servetsky 19947232There is 10 hours On 12 / / 2021 To 20: 44

@ not very was your nickname is worth a thousand explanations …

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