Rémi Reverchon, journalist at BeIn Sport, is releasing a book on the NBA, and will be signing in Toulouse on Saturday, November 6

the essential Specialist in the NBA, the American basketball championship, the journalist Rémi Reverchon, figure of the BeIn Sport channel since its creation, released “NBA Road Trip”. He will be at Fnac Labège, Saturday November 6 at 15, to sign his book.

Basketball fans, many in Toulouse, will surely be there. Rémi Reverchon, figure of the BeIn Sport channel since its creation in 2012, will be at Fnac Labège, near Toulouse, on Saturday November 6 at 15 hours, to present his first book, NBA Road Trip, released on 21 October. The 36 -year-old journalist, who studied journalism at a Colorado university, then moved to Los Angeles for three years. He was a correspondent there for several media, including Canal +. When his competitor BeIn Sport was created, he was called upon. This connoisseur of the NBA, absolute fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, therefore attacks his e NBA season on BeIn Sport, with his accomplices Mary Patrux, Xavier Vaution and Jacques Monclar.

“This book is a tribute to this incredible country that is the United States. I propose a trip to the 28 cities that have an NBA franchise. Personally, I have been to 23 of them, for my pleasure or for work. Each city is told through its monuments, its cultural institutions, its significant events, its characters: NASA for Houston, the assassination of Martin Luther King for Memphis, the singer Prince for Minneapolis. For Chicago, the city of the icon Michael Jordan, Rémi Reverchon obtained an interview with the legendary journalist Sam Smith, who tells about “his” Jordan.

French players Rudy Gobert and Joakim Noah tell also “their” cities of Salt Lake City and New York. While a new season has just started, and “his” Lakers are chasing a final title for their “King” Lebron James, Rémi Reverchon has left for quite a few sleepless nights. “When you love the NBA, you should not count too much your hours of sleep,” he smiles before heading into the studio, for the daily “NBA Extra”. Live.

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