REACTIONS. “We are able to do much better” analysis Antoine Dupont, after the victory of the Blues against Argentina

the essential For his first as captain of the Blues, the scrum-half of the Blues and Stade Toulousain was aware that, despite the victory, several points deserve to be improved.

Antoine Dupont, scrum half of the XV of France (at the microphone of France 2): “The results are still positive but I am thinking above all of our start to match where we made a lot of faults, each time that’s what allows them to come to our camp. Our defense was in place but too undisciplined. We had trouble holding the ball on our offensives, while we saw that when we held the ball three or four times of play, we managed to put them in difficulty. So the victory is there but I think we are able to do much better. “

Melvyn Jaminet, rear of the XV of France (at the microphone of France 2): “We all gave ourselves to 200%. This evening, everything was not perfect, as we saw, we were too imprecise in our game launches and we were facing a great team from Argentina who did not give up during 80 minutes. Each ruck, they were present, they knew how to slow down our game, that’s what made our task difficult tonight. (On his first selection in France) C ‘ was an incredible feeling. I had discovered it in Australia, but there, to enter the almost full stadium, with the public supporting us for eighty minutes, it is an indescribable feeling. “

Fabien GalthiĆ©, coach of the Blues: “It was hard until the end, it was undecided. It was important to win this first meeting . It’s been about nine months since we played together. We prepared together for two weeks, it helped us to set the stage for victory. But the most important thing is to to have replayed together and to have won together. We were sometimes abused and that prevented us from carrying out our actions. They caused us problems on the passes. There were inaccuracies because they were there and they knew how to prevent us from concluding our highlights. “

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