Rapper Naps, who sings “La kiffance”, targeted by investigation for rape

the essential The Marseille rapper Naps is the subject of an investigation in flagrante delicto for rape after the complaint of a young woman in Paris.

His single “La kiffance” was one of the hits this summer. The Marseille rapper Naps is the target of an investigation for rape. A young woman of 20 filed a complaint against the rap star on October 1, revealed the Point .

Originally from the Air Bel district in Marseille like the rapper, she sympathized with him. They then went to the hotel. The young woman claims to have been raped and not been able to repel her attacker because all her limbs were paralyzed.

The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened a flagrant investigation entrusted to the 2nd DPJ. The investigators await the results of the toxicological analyzes carried out on the victim. According to a source close to the survey, quoted by le Point , “alcoholism could just as much have reduced the consciousness of the young woman”

Naps, alias Nabil, is a rapper born in Marseille in 1986. He had his first successes in 2017 with the album “Pochon bleu”. He sings on the single “Bande Organized” by Jul, another Marseille rapper. With “La kiffance”, he signed one of the hits of the summer.

Neither Naps nor his record company wanted to react.

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