Rapper Koss invites us “Elsewhere”

the essential After exploding with his freestyles, the Toulouse rapper Koss returns with the single “Ailleurs”, a track cut for clubs, between urban pop and electro.

Toulouse rapper Koss now lives between his hometown and Paris, keen to keep the link with the place where he was born in 1998.

“I lived 21 years in Toulouse and I come back at least once a month. During the first confinement I spent several months in the house of my father here “. It is also in this house that he writes his freestyles before putting them online in June 2020. They will quickly find an audience, seduced by its dark productions and its flow.

With 3 million views for 000 freestyles posted on Instagram, Koss is launched and has no intention of stopping there.

“Some responsibility”

The rest is the success of his videos on Youtube, with ever more impressive figures and titles that exceed 200 000 views.

For Koss, “to do so many views, so quickly, that gives a certain responsibility towards the public. We then want to do even better”.

Koss uploaded his latest track a month ago, “Ailleurs”. We find here a piece cut for clubs, with sounds ranging from urban pop to electro via afro-trap. As he repeats, “From now on, what will characterize me the most is going to be the club sounds.”

If he intends to launch on stage, the rapper will also continue to feed his Youtube channel. “A new project every month and a half or every two months while waiting for the album, in 2022”. It is the will of Koss, who lacks neither ideas nor ambition. And we’ll talk for sure.

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