Ramzy Bedia and Franck Gastambide in “Celebrity Hunted” on Prime Video: “I absolutely could not have done it without Ramzy”

(ETX Daily Up) – With them, you can’t help but laugh! Ramzy Bedia and Franck Gastambide have teamed up for Amazon Prime Video’s new game to be discovered on 29 October. In “Celebrity Hunted,” the two city friends had to evade authorities for ten days. They tell us the bottom of this rhythmic run and especially to die of laughter. Dating.

Did you hesitate to participate in “Celebrity Hunted”?

Franck Gastambide: No, we were very, very excited, amused, the idea of tell each other that we could both be in a game where we were going to take advantage of our complicity to hide, to be chased away. It’s obviously very attractive, very exciting. And we said yes in the second.

Ramzy Bedia: It’s still a great proposition that you can make to two guys who are friends in life. We offered it to Franck. They asked who he wanted to do it with and I came in fifth and I said yes, me. And I believe, the others couldn’t. Is that Franck, am I the fifth choice? [rires]

Franck Gastambide: The truth is, I absolutely couldn’t have done it without Ramzy. First of all, because you need someone in whom you have the utmost confidence. And above all, I knew that we were leaving for 10 days and 10 great nights joke. When people discover this getaway, they’re going to find out that it’s our two mixed brains who found this getaway, because we’ve seen clips where we go to my trainer buddy, but in fact, the ultimate goal is that ‘is to go and join a place that Ramzy knows very well and people he knows very well, who are clearly unattainable.

Ramzy Bedia: Impossible.

Franck Gastambide: It is the mix of our two skills and our two networks that we were able to carry out this run.

Did you take this game seriously?

Ramzy Bedia: We wanted to win, us.

Franck Gastambide: We weren’t planning anything other than winning and we took things very seriously.

Ramzy Bedia: Really!

Franck Gastambide: We did not arrive at all by saying to ourselves we are going to play a game, we will see. We said to ourselves there is no question of losing and there is only one obligation, and that is to win. That’s why we had our plans in mind. We had the people we know were going to be able to be very useful. And then there’s the whole improv part because nothing goes as planned in a run like this.

What did you learn from this adventure?

Ramzy Bedia: We learned something from our helpers!

Franck Gastambide: Yes, because us, there is no big surprise. It’s been 15 years that we’ve been together almost every day.

Ramzy Bedia: But the guys we called, we saw how ok they were. And even afterwards, when they were questioned by our pursuers, we saw how much we could count on them. Really.

Franck Gastambide: It really helped us to have even more confidence and love for the people we asked.

What have you missed the most during these 10 days on the run?

Ramzy Bedia: We laughed so much that I missed nothing. We were on the run. It’s a unique and great experience and I missed nothing. Not having a phone … I knew I hadn’t lost it. I knew I shouldn’t turn it on because if I turned it on, we were spotted and it’s a runaway. So all this is exciting and I haven’t missed anything, on the contrary. Then, I knew it was going to last ten days too so it’s okay. [rires]

And you, Franck?

Ramzy Bedia: Yes, the same! [rires de Franck Gastambide] Next question. [rires]

Not too hard not to have your phone?

Franck Gastambide: Indeed, it reminded me a little when I left to do ” Rendezvous in an unknown land “, where we don’t have a telephone, but everyone around us knows that we don’t have a telephone, so we have the right not to answer and it is not serious and it is an incredible comfort. So don’t call us and don’t blame us if we don’t answer …

Ramzy Bedia: We were on the run!

Franck Gastambide: It was wonderful!

Celebrity: advantage or disadvantage for adventure?

Franck Gastambide: Oh no, but I think that’s the whole concept of this show. It is concretely much more complicated when you are a public figure to escape. Our big worry was that we would have our photos taken, that we were asked for photos that we obviously usually take and never refuse to people who ask us for photos in the street. Except that there, I remember pictures that we took telling people: “Do not put on the networks, do not publish, do not say where are we” …

Ramzy Bedia: The next day, they were there.

Franck Gastambide: Yes, exactly. We even had when we left the Trocad√©ro, something that happened to us. It was young girls who came to ask Ramzy and me for a photo. They were told “please don’t post”. Two days later, the photo of us at the Trocadero, ready to leave with our bags on the loose, was posted. So that’s our complication. That was it. It is because we have a habit of never refusing photos with people. Except that there, really, it was very bad to be photographed.

Ramzy Bedia: And at the same time, this complication was a advantage sometimes, like the time when we scratched the car among the young people.

Franck Gastambide: Yes!

Ramzy Bedia: Where inevitably, when we started knocking on doors, we didn’t know where to go. We didn’t know where to sleep. We didn’t know what to do at one point and knocked on doors. And it’s true that when people open the door, it’s good to be known. They are not afraid.

What if you had to change one thing during your adventure ?

Ramzy Bedia, turning to Franck Gastambide : Your underwear [√©clats de rire de Franck Gastambide] It’s his underwear. There really is his panties. If there is one thing to change from the run. [Eclats de rire] He hasn’t changed it in ten days, brother! I told him “change your underwear”, he said “no we’re on the run” [rires]. “Yes, but you have time to change your slop at last!”, “No!” [rires]

Franck Gastambide: Oh, we won’t get better than this one. [rires]

Ramzy Bedia: I think it’s a good ending, right? In any case elegant.

Franck Gastambide: What would you have changed during your run? Its slop! [rires]

Ramzy Bedia: [rires] Generic!

Franck Gastambide: Credits! [rires]

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