Rachid M'Barki: “We will show how Merah was tracked down”

the essential “Bring the accused in” devotes this Sunday evening on RMC Story an unprecedented investigation into the Merah affair. The show is broadcast this Wednesday in preview at UGC Montaudran. Interview with Toulouse journalist Rachid M’Barki.

Unpublished investigations from the program “Bring the accused in” have been broadcast since October 3 on RMC Story. The channel organizes previews in several cities in France to discover them. The two hosts, Dominique Bizet, police / justice chief of BFM TV, and the Toulouse journalist Rachid M’Barki, will be at the UGC Toulouse Montaudran cinema this Wednesday evening from 19 h 30 for an unpublished “Bring in the accused” on the Merah Affair. Interview with Rachid M’Barki.

What does a case like the attacks committed by Mohammed Merah represent for you?

Toulouse is my hometown, my hometown. So this affair has a special resonance. As with AZF, I was particularly sensitive to it.

Do you react differently when you are from Toulouse and of North African origin?

Obviously, especially when someone hits the city you have in your blood. In addition, when one is of North African origin, one always thinks of the same thing when an attack occurs: one thinks first of the victims of course and one hopes that it is not an Islamist attack. Because we know it’s gonna hit us one way or another.

Do you understand that the people of Toulouse want to turn the page?

It’s obvious. The Toulouse attacks in 2012 constitute such a trauma that we want to place them in a corner of our memory. It’s a self-defense system.

What more will we learn from this documentary than we already know?

Do not expect shattering revelations, the thunderclap that will relaunch the investigation. But we show how, from the inside, the hunt for the terrorist was carried out. It is told how the police worked in the greatest secrecy to put him out of harm’s way. Moreover, there will be a before and an after Merah for the intelligence services and the judicial police. They will now coordinate better.

What changes do you think the Toulouse attacks have marked?

There are several of them. First, Islamist terrorism had not struck our territory for many years. Then they were not committed by a terrorist coming from abroad but a young French, a child from Toulouse. He was a young man as we could meet many and who fell into fanaticism. These atrocious attacks tell our society that it is capable of creating this kind of monster. Next year it will be ten years and we still have lessons to learn.

The Toulouse attacks coincide with the explosion of non-stop news channels…

Yes. I remember that at the time the whole of France was riveted on BFM to follow moment by moment what was happening. Even the police were watching BFM!

I imagine that today you are following the Jubillar affair closely…

It is as enigmatic as it is fascinating. But I cannot say if it will one day make a “Bring in the accused” … Because the principle of our program is always the same: a journalistic investigation in connection with the police and the justice system. We never deal with a case that has not been fully judged and for which all remedies have not been extinguished.

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