“Push for a harmonization of taxation on tobacco and alcohol between border countries”

the essential Olivier Dussopt will be in Foix today for the departmental congress of mayors of Ariège. The Minister of Public Accounts will remind local elected officials that state support for communities and businesses has made it possible to inject more than 120 million euros into the local economy.

Communities are complaining about the increase in TGAP…

Communities are facing trajectories that have been set for several years, there are no changes, and we still have a number of topics like this being discussed. I hear that some mayors and especially inter-municipal presidents are worried about the TGAP, there are also other elements on which things are much simpler, for example, we have decided not to reform the taxation on the telephony pylons considering that this resource, for the communities, had to be preserved and that if there is reform, it will be made in the concertation.

Like other territories, Ariège is not spared by desertification (public services, medical, shops), what can be done about it?

To help communities fight against desertification, we have chosen to maintain the endowments since the start of the five-year term. This is also why we are implementing certain programs, I am thinking of Small Towns of Tomorrow, as well as the deployment of Maisons France services. The State supports other initiatives such as multidisciplinary health centers, a tool to fight against medical desertification, even though I know very well that the main difficulty is finding doctors. This is why we have released the numerus clausus. On this type of subject, in terms of shops, medical presence, revitalization of town centers, what the State is doing is obviously complementary with what other communities such as Departments and Regions are undertaking.

A word about taxes on alcohol and tobacco and the problem that this creates for professionals in a territory located near Andorra and Spain?

We are going to take advantage of the EU presidency by France in the first half of the year 2022 to push in the direction of harmonization of taxation on tobacco and alcohol between border countries.


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