Prince Andrew calls for rejection of US sexual assault complaint

the essential Prince Andrew of Great Britain asked on Friday 16 the American justice to reject the complaint “without foundation “of a woman who accuses him of sexual assault when she was a minor.

Britain’s Prince Andrew on Friday asked US justice to dismiss the “baseless” complaint of a woman who accuses him of sexual assault when she was underage, assuring that she was seeking to profit financially from the case, according to court documents. In one of them, filed in Manhattan, the Duke of York’s lawyer accuses Virginia Giuffre of suing the prince “to get more money” from his allegations against the sulphurous financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in 2019.

“Most people wouldn’t even dream of getting the sums of money Giuffre has made over the years,” wrote Andrew Brettler. “This is a motivation for Giuffre to continue to bring low-level lawsuits against individuals such as Prince Andrew, whose tainted reputation is only the latest collateral damage to the Epstein scandal,” he said. added.

Virginia Giuffre, 38 years, who had already publicly accused the second son of Queen Elizabeth, had filed a complaint in August 2021 before the Manhattan Federal Court. The case is particularly embarrassing for the British royal family because Jeffrey Epstein is associated with it.

In her complaint, Virginia Giuffre accuses Prince Andrew of being “one of the powerful men” to whom she was allegedly “handed over for sexual purposes” when she was, she claims, the victim enters 2000 and 2002, from his years, of the vast sex trafficking for which Jeffrey Epstein was charged and imprisoned, before killing himself in a Manhattan prison in the summer 2019. Prince Andrew, 61 years old, has always denied the charges.

His attorneys have asked the Manhattan court to dismiss the lawsuit because, they say, it does not disclose “a claim that could lead to redress.” Alternatively, they ask the court to demand that the complainant “provide a more definitive version of her allegations”. They also asked the court to hold an “oral debate” on these issues. Since the filing of the complaint, the Duke of York had contested its notification, before finally acknowledging it.

“Virginia Giuffre may well have been sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein, and nothing can excuse, or fully express, the horror and gravity of Epstein’s monstrous behavior against Giuffre, if this is true.” , wrote the lawyers. “However, and without diminishing the harm suffered as a result of Epstein’s alleged behavior, Prince Andrew has never assaulted or sexually assaulted Giuffre. He unequivocally denies Giuffre’s false allegations against him,” they said. added.

Lawyers for the prince have claimed Ms Giuffre “would have received millions of dollars” from an out-of-court settlement dating from 2017 after prosecuting Ghislaine Maxwell, a relative of Jeffrey Epstein. They also said that an agreement in 2009, which she signed with Jeffrey Epstein, prevented her from prosecuting anyone else in connection with her allegations of sexual abuse. Solicited, a lawyer for Virginia Giuffre did not react immediately.

Prince Andrew is accused of having “sexually assaulted” Virginia Giuffre, then a minor, on three occasions: in London at Ghislaine Maxwell’s and in the properties of the American financier in New York and in the Virgin Islands. Despite his denials, his association with the American businessman had plunged him into turmoil and forced him to retire from public life.

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