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Registrations have already started and the resumption of music school lessons is scheduled for Monday, October 4. After almost a year of inactivity, preignan musicians will once again be able to find guitars, basses, drums, pianos and other trumpets. President Thierry Marin and his entire team hope to regain the pre-Covid workforce. Supervised by 5 teachers, the sixty or so members will be able to resume workshops or classes. Mathieu Bézian, educational director, insists on “collective practice projects where we put together ensembles for current music, namely, rock, reggae, blues, varieties…”

Other objectives of the association: allow all the students of the school to progress both musically (listening, sense of rhythm…) and technically (instrument, musical training…); integrate a group of musicians and work within this group a repertoire that will be the subject of at least one performance during the year in a professional situation; develop the autonomy of the student in a situation of instrument lessons and ensemble sessions, both musically and in terms of human relations between musicians (the technical level, for example the management of a balance during a concert, is not forgotten); develop communication between student musicians as well as group cohesion within instrument lessons and ensemble sessions; promote emulation between students and the notion of a musical path towards an objective / project, rather than promoting only the quality of the final result of the project.

Instrument lessons offered this year are: bass, guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, rock choir and saxophone. Access to ensemble workshops is not subject to registration for an instrument course. Musical initiation is accessible from 6 years old.

The music school can lend instruments to those who wish to work at home.

Registrations are made at the school office on the site, by email (emusique.preignan @ or by phone from the president (at 06.

. 55. 55. 34. 37) who will transmit to the teachers concerned.

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