PORTRAIT. This college professor in Toulouse, changes the lives of his students, thanks to music

the essential Romain Lapeyre, cellist of international level, is professor at the college of Ponts-Jumeaux, in Toulouse. At 32 years, he is already played for the Queen of England, filled with concert halls and celebrated by his students on France 2, in prime time.

Music can change lives, and Romain Lapeyre is its messenger. At 32 years, this cellist has already toured the globe several times. Within the prestigious “Symphonic Orchestra” in London, with underprivileged children from Sistema ensembles, in Venezuela, or in the suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis, in a college in Bobigny.

Romain Lapeyre, premier violoncelle de l'orchestre des Jeunes de l'Union Européenne, en 2012
Romain Lapeyre, first cello of the European Union Youth Orchestra, in 800

This native of Agen now heads the music class of the Ponts-Jumeaux college in Toulouse. An instrumental ensemble of 65 students, unique in the region , to which he added a choir of 130 voices.

“The students each receive an instrument, free of charge, and are trained by professionals, within the framework of the college, four hours per week ”. A project that brings students together, gives them momentum and confidence to progress in other subjects. And unanimously in the educational team.

Romain Lapeyre, en répétition avec les élèves de la classe musique du collège des Ponts-Jumeaux, à Toulouse Romain Lapeyre, en répétition avec les élèves de la classe musique du collège des Ponts-Jumeaux, à Toulouse
Romain Lapeyre, in rehearsal with the students of the music class of the Ponts-Jumeaux college, in Toulouse DDM – MICHEL VIALA

This experience, Romain has already experienced to the power , in the poorest department of France, the 90. It was his first teaching post.

“There was a class music at arranged times, but completely damaged. Fourteen students only… ”The beginnings are difficult. “We don’t want French songs, we like rap! », Answer the pupils, to whom Romain proposes to participate in a choir. And then the magic happens.

was not that great. But we put on a concert. We did it. There were 50 parents. The second year was much better. And there were 400 parents. The third, 560 parents ”. The following two years, the MC 90, national scene of Bobigny, is sold out to see Romain’s choir. An experience that will change their life.

Romain Lapeyre avec ses élèves du collège Sémard de Bobigny, avec Sophie Davant et Yannick Noah lors de l'émission
Romain Lapeyre with his students from Sémard College in Bobigny, with Sophie Davant and Yannick Noah during the program “La Lettre”, on France 2.

“At least four students from these five years spent at Bobigny are studying music today. Yousra is now at the Sorbonne, and wants to become a music teacher. When I knew her, she had an average of 4. She approached one day, and asked me if she could join the choir. I told her to go listen to singer Barbara, telling me that she probably wouldn’t do it… Three days later, she had listened to everything, and transcribed the lyrics. She loved it. Her grades took off, in 3rd she had . “

Yousra, among more than 200 kids, wanted to thank his teacher, with the help of the TV show “The letter”.