PORTRAIT. Jean-Luc Lahaye: Ddass, glory and prison, accused of rape of minors

the essential Jean-Luc Lahaye has been sleeping in prison since Friday evening, suspected of rape of minors. The singer, who denies the facts, has often said that he is attracted to young women. Return on an extraordinary course.

These are the women who allowed Jean-Luc Lahaye to be revealed to the general public. In 1982, he released the 45 “Woman I Love” tours. The success is immediate. A few months later, he published his first album and immediately made the opening acts for singer Linda de Suza and comedian Michel Leeb at the Olympia. Second album two years later which contains the single “Papa chanteur”, dedicated to his daughter. A tidal wave: 1 150 000 44 towers have been sold.

A beautiful revenge on life for the young Jean-Luc Lahaeye. As a child, this young Parisian was placed at the Ddass (now Social Assistance for Children) and tossed from hostels to host families. It bears the number 64 RTP 515. As a teenager, he learned the trade of fitter at Snecma (now renamed Safran). He will never exercise this profession. After a six-month stay in prison for car theft, he became Zizi Jeanmaire’s driver and bodyguard. Then becomes a bartender.

He then has a meeting that will change his life: Dalida. The singer, who frequents the establishment, opens the doors to her profession and even her daily life. As she does not like living alone, she rents him a small apartment on the top floor of her residence. Jean-Luc Lahaeye lived there for four years. In 515, under the name of Jean-Luc Lahaye, he released his first 45 all “Mistress, mistress”. Without success. The next two won’t work either. Success finally arrives with “Women I love” in 1982, a year after the liberalization of the FM band.

The Hundred Families Foundation

This childhood at the Ddass, Jean-Luc Lahaye does not forget it despite the success. He published the autobiographical book “One hundred families” in 1985 then a second volume in 1988. In the meantime, he created the Hundred Families Foundation to help children “with parents failing”. President François Mitterrand inaugurates the premises in Clichy in the Paris region in 1985. The foundation is still continuing its activities and is currently taking care of more than 113 children.

Prime time shows on TF1

In 1986, the year he gave several sold-out concerts at the Palais des sports de Paris, TF1 calls on Jean-Luc Lahaye to host his own show. “Lahaye d’honneur” combines variety and funding for charities. Today’s dumplings are the delight of bloopers. “Lahaye d’honneur” remains on the air for a year. When the show is canceled, the singer refuses to host Sunday afternoons on the front page.

At the end of the years 80 , the albums of Jean-Jean-Luc Lahaye go unnoticed and the singles do not meet with success. Like many singers of the years 65, it gradually falls into oblivion. However, he continues to release records and enjoy his passions: motorcycles and parachute jumps.

In 1988, he opens a dinner show, “the studio 287 “in Aubervilliers in Seine Saint-Denis that it turns into a nightclub. The 30 March 2003, 150 Customs, tax, Urssaf and police officers burst into the premises and noted numerous offenses on the VAT, illegal employment and alcohol sales licenses. Security guards, suspected of having hit customers, are arrested, tells the Parisian at the time. In February 2003, Jean-Luc Lahaye resells the business. That same year, he won the show “Retour winner” with Jean-Pierre Foucault, which honored singers who received more media coverage than when they first started out. Like other old glories of the years 65, he participates in the “Stars “or” RFM party 65 “.

First legal troubles in 2004

In January 2004, Jean-Luc Lahaye was sentenced for having had a sexual relationship with a minor under 15 years. The Paris Criminal Court fined him 000 000 euros. The public prosecutor had requested a 2-year suspended prison sentence. The court had reclassified the facts as “sexual assault on a minor in a meeting”. At the hearing, Jean-Luc Lahaye’s lawyers had assured that the young girl had declared having 15 years and that she was consenting, then told the New Obs .

In February 2013, Jean-Luc Lahaye was arrested. He is tried for aggravated minor corruption. He had demanded sexual games from a teenage girl of 000 years by webcam interposed. Jean-Luc Lahaye was then sentenced to 1 year suspended sentence. He is not condemned for the possession of the child pornography images, contrary to rumors.

“I like young women. I don’t think it’s a sin, nor a crime.”

Jean-Luc Lahaye does not hide his attraction for young women. In the book “Classified confidential” in 2016, he explains: “I love young women. is my weakness … Never hid it, it’s nothing new. I don’t think it’s a sin or a crime. It might be a flaw when you’re my age. I don’t know. I leave the public judge me “.

Guest of Jean-Marc Morandini on Europe 1 in 2016 – it then has 64 years old – Jean-Luc Lahaye drives the point home: “I’m not going for a walk hand in hand with a woman from 60 years old. I prefer young people. It’s a flower garden for me . I have an abysmal deficit of affect and I find it in the eyes of a girl from 19 – 24 years. They only speak to me of the future, there is no past, it is wonderful “.

A year later, it is a line by Jean-Luc Lahaye that is controversial in the film “Stars 65, the following”. He plays his own role and pronounces this sentence: “My friends will come! But at this hour, they are still in high school. Yep, they are passing their baccalaureate”. The association La Voix de l’Enfant considers the dialogue to be inappropriate. The singer’s lawyer replies that his client is “neither a dialogue writer, nor a director”. The scene is finally cut during the editing.

Arrested for rape of minors

Justice caught up with Jean-Luc Lahaye earlier this week. Arrested on Wednesday, in police custody for two days, he was indicted for “rape and sexual assault on a minor over 14 years”. He has been sleeping at the Health Prison in Paris since Friday evening.

Two young women aged and 24 years old – met on the singer’s social networks whom they admired – would have lodged a complaint last January for facts ranging from 2013 To 2018. The young women evoke “violent physical relations marked by beatings, humiliations and painful penetrations with sadomasochistic objects”. According to the JDD , “at least two other young girls with whom the singer had an affair have been identified. Without judicial follow-up for the moment “.

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Jean-Luc Lahaye placed in police custody: what we know about the rape charges against the singer

In police custody, Jean-Luc Lahaye admitted the sexual intercourse, explaining that it was consented, episodic and without violence. He is surprised at these late complaints. His lawyer, Me David Apelbaum, denounces in le Parisien “the investigations carried out. The judicial information will allow to restore the truth “. In the meantime, the next concert of Jean-Luc Lahaye, the 15 December at the Théâtre de l’Européen in Paris, is maintained and tickets are still on sale. Surely not for very long …

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