Police and armed gendarmes refuel without authorization in Luxembourg

the essential Police officers and gendarmes from eastern France went to fill the tanks of their official vehicles in Luxembourg. A repeated irruption, with their weapons, which does not please the inhabitants.

Fuel prices have been soaring since the start of the school year. So to fill the tanks of their official vehicles, police officers and gendarmes stationed in the public security district of Longwy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) crossed the border to go to Luxembourg where gasoline is cheaper.

Armed law enforcement agencies on Luxembourg territory? An initiative that angered a Luxembourg motorist who pointed it out verbally to the French gendarmes. “You do not have the right to enter Luxembourg territory armed and without authorization”. He was told that France and Luxembourg had bilateral agreements in this area. Another time, the tone rose between a Luxembourg citizen and a French gendarme who did not agree to be filmed, according to the site L’Essentiel .

On November 9, the Luxembourg public prosecutor’s office seized the police and customs coordination center, a cross-border cooperation body between France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. However, filling up with gasoline in Luxembourg is not one of the missions provided for by the Schengen agreements.

On the French side, we readily recognize these trips back and forth in the Grand Duchy. “There are hardly any petrol pumps in the sector in France. The staff therefore frequently travel to Luxembourg to refuel”, tells the World a French police source. “It is a practice that has become established over time.” It only takes a 4 to 7 minute drive to refuel across the border.

Still according to Le Monde , negotiations are underway between France and Luxembourg to “iron out these difficulties”. Apart from this incident, police officers and gendarmes have the right to prosecute in the event of a serious offense and during joint patrols, recalls l’Essentiel .

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