Poland accuses Putin of orchestrating migration crisis

the essential Poland accused Tuesday, November 9 the Russian president of being the “sponsor” of the wave of migrants who are trying to enter Poland from Belarus.

The Polish prime minister on Tuesday accused the Russian president of being the “sponsor” of the wave of migrants trying to enter Poland from Belarus, warning that this “hybrid” attack could destabilize the European Union. The accusation comes as thousands of desperate migrants are trapped in freezing weather on the Polish-Belarusian border, where the presence of troops on both sides has raised fears of a confrontation.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko “is the executor of the latest attack, but its sponsor is in Moscow and that sponsor is President Putin,” Mateusz Morawiecki said during an emergency meeting of the Polish Parliament. “Migrants from the Middle East are brought to Belarus by plane and serve as human shields to destabilize the situation in Poland and in the EU. Defending Poland’s borders means defending the eastern flank of NATO and the EU. the EU, “he added.

Germany, which accused Alexander Lukashenko of “unscrupulously” exploiting migrants by sending them to the border with Poland, called for new EU sanctions against Belarus, through its foreign minister Heiko Maas. “Lukashenko must realize that his calculations are not working,” he said.

The Europeans have accused for months Alexander Lukashenko of fueling the crisis by issuing visas to migrants in revenge for the European sanctions taken against his country for its repression of the opposition since the presidential election of 2020. “This is part of the inhuman approach and the real rogue manners of the Lukashenko regime,” said European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano in Brussels, announcing an intervention with 13 countries to prevent their nationals from embarking for Belarus.

Belarus rejected the charges and ruled that EU member Poland violated human rights by not allowing migrants to enter its territory. President Lukashenko, a close ally of Moscow, stressed that his country “will not kneel” before the EU.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blamed the influx of migrants on Western military “adventures” in the Middle East. “Why, with regard to refugees heading to the European Union from Turkey, has the EU provided funds to keep them on Turkish territory?” He said, “why Can’t Belarusians be helped in the same way? “

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