Phone: are you going to have to change your charger soon?

the essential Since May 2021, several Asian telephone brands, including Huawei, have joined forces to create a universal charger. This Thursday 23 September, Brussels will present a bill to force cell phone manufacturers to adopt a universal charger, in particular for Apple smartphones.

What if the universal charger was available for all cell phones? A dream for consumers! Brussels has been putting pressure on companies in this direction, and has done so for years. If the manufacturers resist, starting with Apple, the European Commission has wanted this progress since 2009. If the text is adopted, it will be applicable from 2024.

For all devices?

The text should not be confined to telephones but also tablets, headphones, digital cameras, speakers or even game consoles. The Commission wants all these devices to be equipped with a USB-C port, which today already equips most smartphones running Android. Problem: Apple wants to keep its technology.

Reduce electronic waste

The main objective of the European Commission is to fight against the accumulation of electronic waste, which now constitutes a new challenge for the planet. “Shippers represent 11 000 tonnes of electronic waste each year” “, specifies the Commission, which expects of this future legislation that it reduce them by 1 000 tonnes per year. As part of the circular economy plan that it will present in December, measures additional information on the recycling of chargers. could force manufacturers to take them back.

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