Philippe Etchebest took his wife to McDonald's for their first date

the essential On the set of “C à vous” this Tuesday 26 October, the starred chef Philippe Etchebest confided to have taken Dominique, his wife, to McDonald’s for their first tête-à-tête. They only had a coffee, according to the host of Nightmare in the kitchen.

This Tuesday 26 October, chef Philippe Etchebest went to the “C à vous” set to discuss the release of his latest book, “Cook well with my Mentor method”. Asked by host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the starred chef and best worker in France had to tell an anecdote about his life: that of his first meeting with Dominique, who is now his wife.

And this first tête-à-tête took place … at McDonald’s. “We drank a coffee, we didn’t have lunch, but it was our meeting point” was justified all the same by the host of Cauchemar en cuisine. “I did not know her, I arrived with a small bouquet of chocolate roses and there, packed, it’s weighed” he added.

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