Peng Shuai's disappearance: what is in the message of the tennis player's accusations against a top executive

the essential She had been missing since November 2: the player Peng Shuai spoke this Sunday with the president of the International Olympic Committee. On the same day, the newspaper Liberation published a translation of the open letter published by the tennis player on November 2, in which she accused the former Chinese vice premier of sexual assault.

The case of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai continues to cause concern within the international community. The former world No. 1 in doubles and star in her country, aged 35 years old, n ‘ had not been seen publicly since she accused Zhang Gaoli, a powerful ex-Communist Party official of 35 years her senior, for forcing her to have sex during a discontinuous relationship of several years. She met this Sunday 21 November with the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach .

Peng Shuai en communication avec le président du comité international olympique.
Peng Shuai in communication with the President of the International Olympic Committee. OIS / IOC – GREG MARTIN

The former champion appeared smiling but indicated to the IOC that she “preferred to spend time with her friends and family now”, indicates the organization Olympic. Not enough to reassure the international community which maintains that this exchange does not allow to know if the tennis player is subjected to certain pressures. Last week, a statement released by Chinese state media said Peng Shuai was dropping her sexual assault charges against Zhang Gaoli, the former Chinese vice premier.

“You wanted to have sex”

This Sunday, the newspaper Release communicated a translation of the accusations that the thirty-something had disseminated in an open letter. The letter had disappeared from the web just hours after its publication on November 2. Through this writing, the young tennis player spoke directly to the former Deputy Prime Minister, Zhang Gaoli. She looks back on a relationship that began ten years ago: according to the tennis champion, the politician already wanted to have sex with her at the time.

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She subsequently returns to a scene that would have taken place there three years: “you took me to your room and you wanted to have sex with me. I was very scared that afternoon. I did not expect that “, then affirmed the sportswoman. This one continues and indicates that the wife of this former senior official of the Communist Party was mounting on her side the guard on the other side of the door.

“Injustice and insults have multiplied”

“That afternoon, after refusing you, I couldn’t stop crying. I had dinner with you and your wife. You said a lot of things to try to take the weight off my mind. After dinner I repeated that I still didn’t want to and you said you hate me! ”According to Peng Shuai, Zhang Gaoli is insistent. He maintains that he has not forgotten the tennis player all these years. tennis player explains that she gave in: “Yes, we had sex”.

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The sportswoman then describes a fulfilling relationship. According to her, “things have gradually changed. Injustice and insults have multiplied. “Peng Shuai describes a tumultuous relationship with the wife of the former deputy prime minister.” I felt like a zombie, “said the tennis player. The sportswoman claims to have wanted to s ‘explain with the politician: “like seven years ago, you disappeared. You played with me and when you had had enough you got rid of me. You said there was no interest in our relationship. “

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