Pedocriminality in the Catholic Church: the episcopate expresses “its shame and its fear” and asks “forgiveness”

the essential This Tuesday, October 5, the “Sauvé” report, requested by the Catholic Church on sexual abuse committed by clerics on minors, was made public. It counts 216 000 victims of clerics or religious since 1950, a “shame” for the president of the Conference of bishops of France.

The president of the Conference of Bishops of France, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, expressed “his shame”, “his dread” and asked for “forgiveness” from the victims of child crime, Tuesday October 5 after the publication of the damning report of the Commission independent on the abuses of the Church (Ciase) since 1950.

“My desire today is to ask your forgiveness, forgiveness from each and everyone,” Bishop de Moulins-Beaufort declared to the press. “Through your report, we have heard the voices of the victims, heard their number. Their voice overwhelms us, their number overwhelms us. It exceeds what we could suppose,” he added. He assured that the bishops would “devote time” to its reading.

For her part, Véronique Margron, the president of Corref (institutes and religious orders) questioned: “can we indeed receive a disaster?” “What to say, if not to experience (…) a carnal shame, an absolute shame”. Faced with this childhood which was “abused”, faced with “such a tragedy” and faced with these “massive crimes committed in (her) church”, she expressed her “sorrow”.

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