Palmas d'Aveyron. The Berger Bracelet on Brigitte Macron's wrist!

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The Aveyron jewel was offered, in triplicate, to the presidential couple, during a reception within the framework of the congress of mayors of France, by four Aveyron mayors for enhance their territory.

“When you are invited, you bring a gift” , assures Catherine Sannié-Carrière mayor de Palmas d’Aveyron who had “the immense privilege of being one of the chosen mayors” for a reception at the Élysée Palace, on the occasion of the congress of mayors of France which ended this Thursday 18 November at the Porte de Versailles.

During this presidential reception , Catherine Sannié-Carrière was notably accompanied, among the mayors of Aveyron, by Sandra Sielvy, mayor of Castelanau-de-Mandailles, Sébastien Cayssials, mayor of Roussennac and Franck Mani, mayor of Lugan. The four of them offered Emmanuel Macron a Shepherd’s Bracelet, and also two copies of the jewel to the First Lady of France.

Brigitte Macron seized the last one. creation, special “stained glass” series in acrylic glass, encrusted with blue, her favorite color, and left it on her wrist all evening. The Shepherd’s Bracelet was created by Cédric Navajas (Palmas d’Aveyron) and Olivier Lutran (Sévérac-le-Château) and the jewel has enjoyed great success in the department and well beyond for a few years now.

Promote the Aveyron

“Si Madame Macron was able to have it, it is thanks to the solidarity of Aveyron , continues Catherine Sannié-Carrière. The four mayors that we were stood up to entrust them with this gift that puts enhance the territory, and promote the Aveyron. And thus thank them for their invitation while giving them a message “. The mayor of Palmas-d’Aveyron invited the president to come to his town, because “it is done, when we are invited, we want to return the invitation” . We will see.

For the anecdote, Emmanuel Macron, receiving his gift, launched: “You are Aveyronnais, so when you receive a gift from you, we have to give you a coin, right? “. Response Catherine Sannié-Carrière: “No, only when it comes to a knife!” . The Shepherd’s Bracelet does not risk breaking the friendship, but rather cultivating it.

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