Oscars: “Titane”, “L'Événement”, “Bac nord” in the running to represent France

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(AFP) – The Palme d’Or “Titane”, the Lion d’Or “L’Événement”, and “Bac Nord”: one of these films will be a candidate to represent France at the Oscars ceremony in 2022, the CNC announced on Thursday.

The choice between these three films must be made by November 1, deadline for transmission to the Academy of Oscars, and after a hearing session by a specialized committee on 12 October.

Two female directors and one director are in the running.

The first is Julia Ducournau, 31 years old, who won the Palme d’Or in July in Cannes with “Titane”, a genre film forbidden to children under 16 years old, mixing woman / machine hybridization, love for cars and the quest for fatherhood. It features a newcomer, Agathe Rousselle, and French actor Vincent Lindon, as a firefighter on a steroid.

The other director is Audrey Diwan, 41 years old, who adapted Annie Ernaux’s autobiographical story on clandestine abortion, “L’Événement”, also with a new talent on the screen: Anamaria Vartolomei. The film won the Golden Lion in Venice in September.

The third film, “Bac Nord”, is signed Cédric Jimenez, and plunges into a business that waver the Marseille police, resolutely adopting the point of view of officials.

Carried by the trio of actors Gilles Lellouche, Karim Leklou and François Civil, the film aroused a intense debate on the representation of the northern districts of Marseille and more widely working-class areas on the screen, which has also been seized by politicians, on the right and on the far right.

The film is one of the rare big French successes in theaters in this year still jostled by the Covid – 19, close to two million entries in seven weeks.

The commission that chooses the candidate film to represent France during 94 th Oscars ceremony, on 19 March 2022 in Los Angeles, brings together, under the aegis of National Film Center raphie (CNC), several professionals including directors Julie Delpy and Florian Zeller.

Last year, the film “Deux” by Filippo Meneghetti was presented by France but hadn’t passed the Academy Awards preselection bar.

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