Origin of Covid-19: conflicts of interest, conspiracy and “chimeras”

the essential A French scientific journalist, Brice Perrier, has been interested in a book on the controversy that has been opposing since the start of the Covid pandemic – 19 supporters of the natural origin of the coronavirus and those who think of a research accident in Wuhan.

Last May, the scientific journalist Brice Perrier published Sars-Cov-2: at the origins of evil , a remarkable and fascinating investigation. Having made a vow of impartiality, he looks into the controversy that has opposed since the start of the Covid pandemic – 19 the supporters of the natural origin of Sars -Cov-2 (zoonosis: the bat transmitted the Covid – 19 to humans, to summarize) and those who hypothesize an accident research center in Wuhan.

From investigations to interviews, the author then dismantles the way in which from February 2020, the first, wanting to discredit the second, reduce them to simple conspirators in a column published by The Lancet then an article by Nature .

Chinese Propaganda

First serious problem? The two reference journals then find themselves playing the game of Chinese propaganda by dictating from the height of their respectability this only version to the world, while refusing any other. But beyond that … A priori refusing to explore all the possibilities is no less serious, either.

“Identifying the origin of epidemics means giving yourself the possibility of setting up countermeasures”, recalls Professor Étienne Decroly, CNRS research director and specialist in viral replicases at the University of Aix-Marseille, in his preface to the book by Brice Perrier.

Quickly, the latter realizes that the trail of the accident cannot however be excluded and that those who want to suffocate it have personal and shameful reasons for doing so. “American NGO dedicated to transparency through free access to data, USRTK (US right to know) published the emails which proved that without wanting to appear in the foreground, Peter Daszak had indeed written the article published in The Lancet ”, explains Brice Perrier, reached on the phone. Peter Daszak: expert who will then swallow up the WHO Commission of Inquiry in China and now the symbol of the conflicts of interest that have undermined the quest for truth.

“Find viruses before they find us”

“With EcoHealthAlliance, the NGO he chairs, this zoologist collects viruses from wildlife around the world. The objective being to anticipate possible zoonoses, he is doing research with numerous laboratories and in particular the Wuhan Institute of Virology headed by Zhengli Shi but also with the laboratory of the American microbiologist Ralph Baric who works with the Chinese on coronavirus ”. And not on trivial subjects …

“The idea of ​​these people is to find the viruses before they find us to counter them. They are the most advanced researchers in the world, in particular on what is called “function gains”, laboratory work making it possible to anticipate mutations in order to understand how a virus could become more infectious and pass from animals to animals. man ”, specifies Brice Perrier.

Brandish conspiracy theory as a smokescreen in order to avoid being implicated with friends… A recent revelation has reinforced this light: “Thanks to DRASTIC, we know that 2018 the project of Daszak, Baric and Shengli was to find viruses with a furin site – key allowing access to humans – or failing to insert this furin site in a coronavirus, to create as a “Chimera” to study it. A project that these researchers were careful not to reveal since it turns out that the n ° 1 peculiarity of Sars-Cov-2 is to be the first with a furin site ”, points out Brice Perrier.

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