“Organized Classico“, Jul brings together 157 rappers from Marseille and Paris in a new triple album

the essential After the Marseille project “13 Organized”, Jul released a new collaborative album: a collaboration between more of 150 Parisian and Marseille rappers.

Parisians and Marseillais reunited for a collaborative project? Jul won this crazy bet. Enemy on the football fields, the album Classico Organisé includes 30 songs with no less than 157 artists from the south and the capital. The idea is to surf on last year’s box: 13 ‘Organized.

For the occasion, pioneers of French rap and young talents come together. On the Paris side, Rohff, Gims, Rim’K, Mister You or even Kaaris have joined in. On the Marseille side, SCH, Naps, Kofs, Alonzo and even Lacrim have responded. A first extract from the album, entitled Loi de la Calle , was unveiled last week at the opening of the Classic between OM and PSG.

Even the album logo refers to the two cities. The “A” is an Eiffel Tower, the “I” is the silhouette of the “Good Mother” overlooking the Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica, Marseille’s emblem.

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