Nutri-Score: where is the law in France and within the European Union?

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Proposed in 2014 in France, adopted in January 2016 through the law to modernize the health system, the implementation of the Nutri-Score is however impossible to impose on manufacturers within the countries of the European Union. A law dating from 2011 prevents it.

However, under the pressure of a citizens’ initiative , supported by consumer associations, the European Commission has been proposed to modify its regulations to allow countries which so wish to force the generalization of Nutri-Score. This change could occur in 2022.

At present, in France, the law simply recommends that manufacturers and distributors of engage in a voluntary process of using this system. But since February 2019, the constraints have been reinforced, with the adoption by Parliament of a law making the appearance of Nutri-Score compulsory in advertisements, which whatever the support. The only way to escape this is to pay a financial contribution to the national public health agency.

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