Nolwenn Leroy in “Cavale” with Biolay

the essential The very Breton Nolwenn Leroy leaves her roots aside for an album made for her by Benjamin Biolay. Between ballads and disco songs, a successful “Cavale” to discover today.

Benjamin Biolay adores women, everyone knows that. He has written and composed for Vanessa Paradis, Isabelle Boulay, Elodie Frégé, Karen Brunon, Louane and others. On his last album, “Grand Prix”, which he will sing at the Bikini de Ramonville on December 7, he offers himself a duet with crazy charm with Adélaïde Chabannes, now ex-singer of the group Therapy Taxi.

It is Benjamin Biolay again who is at the helm on Nolwenn Leroy’s new album, “La cavale”, which comes out today Friday. Far from his Breton twins, the artist offers himself an invigorating disco treatment (a genre now booming with also Clara Luciani and Juliette Armanet) notably with titles like “Loin” (signed… Adélaïde Chabannes, like two other songs) and “Changing the water of flowers”. If the “kitsch” side is assumed by Nolwenn Leroy, it does not completely win the support of the listener. The success of the album is elsewhere, in songs that can be very dancing, like “La houle” or “Brazil, Finistère”, which play smoothly, thanks to superb guitar parts, with a more funk register. But the best of the record is on the ballads side, of which Benjamin Biolay is an outstanding couturier and Nolwenn Leroy an inspired performer. “I like you”, a very contrasting portrait of a “mad, jealous, chic and cowardly” man, is immediately bossa seductive. “My beautiful corsaire” and its very glossy brass is from the same barrel. And “La cavale”, which closes the beautiful escape, has the same devastating charm.

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