“No one can resist Johann Sebastian Bach!”

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And here is Go Your Bach First! Canceled twice for a known health cause, the event carried by the Baroque Ensemble of Toulouse finds its audience for a weekend. What delights Catherine Guien, the new president of the association: “The Baroque Ensemble embodies above all a story of love of music, a human adventure and friendship. After two cancellations, we are happy to make the festival this year in a spirit of sharing with the public and daring in programming. ” At this level we can always trust Michel Brun, founder of musical training since 45 and tireless inventor of high-level meetings around the ancient music. He too displays manifest happiness despite past chaotic preparation conditions: “The color given to the program this year combines two musical traditions, that of Bach, from the 18th century, and that of a secular tradition of traditional music such as that of Nan Jiang (ghuzheng, Chinese zither) invited to the presentation of the event and representative of our will this year. The idea to unite these two antagonisms came from the attempt to show that nothing and no one can resist Johann Sebastian Bach ! ” And to the strength of conviction of Michel Brun who, before Nan Jiang, had succeeded in convincing Bernardo Sandoval and Serge Lopez to come and play the composer during a previous edition. “This demonstrates Bach’s universality and his ability to convince far beyond the classical world” he insists.

World Bach

With the motivation and morale recovered after cancellations and postponements, recordings without an audience “filmed in a sophisticated way”, Michel Brun is enthusiastic about an edition open to the world: “Our Bach to Africa proposal, a heavy project to prepare is scheduled for June 2021 but conferences will refer (Saturday 24 at 19 h and Sunday 26 at 11 h at the Ombres Blanches bookstore) with the career and tenacity of Albert Schweitzer. Bach and Spain will allow the Baroque Ensemble to evoke the strength of Bach who was on the lookout for everything that was happening around the follies of Spain and we will perform the most emblematic work in the world, The Passion according to Saint-Jean (d Sunday 26 September to 17 h at the Halle aux Grains, prices: from 6 to 45 €) 2022. It is not nothing to rub shoulders with such a vast, complex work, difficult to edit because the greatest performers have done it and have left traces with a hundred different versions. The programming takes up the challenge of creation throughout the weekend! “Open to musical aesthetics, abundant, it indeed promises great moments awaited each year so much the richness, the openness to the world (Bach did not however never crossed the step of his region of Saxony-Thuringia!), the humanity of the compositions of the great man seduce music lovers and neophytes from Toulouse who flock in numbers. And this year should not be an exception as emphasized by Nicole Yardeni, in charge of the music to the City of Toulouse: “After this very difficult period, Passe ton Bach first will allow you to experience moments of lightness without superficiality, it’s exceptional!”

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