No more skirts and heels! An airline will dress its hostesses in pants and sneakers

the essential The traditional uniform of flight attendants, in skirts and heels, will be abandoned for the first time by an airline. SkyUp airlines, an airline from Ukraine, will dress its hostesses in pants and sneakers.

The flight attendant dress codes will evolve. At least at SkyUp airlines, an airline from Ukraine. She decided to put an end to the traditional uniform of flight attendants common to all airlines and consisting of a skirt or suit and heels.

SkyUp airlines decided to dress their hostesses with loose pants and an orange colored jacket, a scarf itself and white sneakers. No more blouses. Flight attendants will wear plain white t-shirts. This set is made by Ukrainian clothing brands. No question of keeping the traditional bun either. Hostesses with long hair will have to braid each other.

Asked by the press agency Reuters , a SkyUp airlines flight attendant approves the choice of her direction. “Heels are nice, I don’t dispute it, but the feet suffer and swell at the end of the flight. The sneakers are absolutely cool.” Alexandrina Denysenko continues: “If a crew has to land in the water and evacuate, the heels can damage the ladder and it will not be very comfortable to swim in a skirt”.

SkyUp airlines marketing manager Marianna Grygorash explained this development to the BBC : “We understood that our flight attendants did not want to be seen as sexualized and playful “. The new uniforms will go into service on 22 October.

In France, SkyUp airlines only serves Paris-Beauvais airport to Kiev.

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