Nightmare in the kitchen: in Muret, Philippe Etchebest helps a boss … who decides to sell his restaurant

the essential After the “Nightmare in the kitchen” that the famous chef subjected him to, the boss of the “Quai 25 »In Muret, has decided to ease off and sell his business.

The walls still echo with his rants. Those to which 2, 3 million televiewers attended, last Friday evening in prime time, by watching the “Nightmare in the kitchen” devoted to the recovery of the “Quay 25”, this Muret restaurant specializing in seafood. There, on 31 last August, Philippe Etchebest, the famous chef who officiates on the M6 ​​television channel, landed , always ready to draw for the good cause, that of restaurants in distress that he will recover at all costs. Except that this time, Etchebest hit a “bone” in the presence of Joël Lavaur, boss and chef of “a restaurant that I created there 11 years old and whom I consider my baby “.

” A big ass kick ”

In reality, and if we disregard all the televisual tricks (editing, efficiency, audience research …), the problem of Joël Lavaur, 74 years, was simple: he was tired, even exhausted from the task, he who has been dragging his knee for years. “In addition, the TV came on a Monday, the day my restaurant was closed. We had to serve Mr. Etchebest and adapt with my waitress (the famous Josie). We did not necessarily have fresh products delivered on the day, ”confides in the retro Joël, without trying to justify himself. Everyone saw it on TV, the Muretain restaurateur played the game and never discarded… except having to drag his leg when Etchebest put on and put the pressure back on! “My God, what a mess I put him in”, exclaimed Martine, his wife, when she saw her husband return, exhausted, the first evening of filming.

M6 will have put its cameras down for three days, until the moment when the production, at the request of Etchebest, decided to add Joël, a young chef, Malaury, immediately efficient at the task. “It was going better, we made the meals together for 40 people. Everyone was happy. I then understood that I had to ease off, even if I wanted to continue. It makes me angry sometimes to be diminished, I am so passionate about what I do “, says Joël.

The boss of the” Quai 25 ”however recovered a certain pride after, he said,“ to have taken a big kick in the ass from Etchebest ”. The proof: his favorite dish has never been so successful, the marlin fillet spiced with chorizo ​​with its mashed potato with Espelette pepper and piquillo peppers. “Well yes, we like what we know how to do best, normal no? “, He laughs.

Two and a half months after this adventure, the” Quai 25 ”is however for sale, a business that buyers should in principle snatch up, if we are to believe the number of visits received over the short period of time when we met Joël, a strange guy who sees it this way: “I’m going to retire, like a slammed athlete who can’t finish the match.” “

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